Co-Evolutionary Culturing

Welcome to our co-evolutionary pot of fermentation and composting, ritual and wonder! We want to have the largest conversations possible with you, at the crossroads of deep time, the future and the now. We invite you into this space for consciousness shifting spells to compost power-over culture from the inside out. We are leaning in to the edge of this present-time rupture that is the 6th mass extinction, and listening for the ways Earth might be dreaming through us in these times. Listening to the larger story, told by the web of the other-than-human world and thereby de-centering the human narrative so that our ways forward are sourced from wellsprings of wisdom, well beyond the limitations of the strategic-mind. Join us in tracking the scent of inner-led change out into the wildish world, remembering that we are earth, “not just troubled guests on this planet” (David Whyte). There at the wellspring, where the hieroglyphics of the hooves of creatures are pressed into the mud, we will listen to Earth’s Dreaming in the sound of water over rock. We will gather and speak what we’ve heard at the emergent edge of the unknown. We invite you into the ritual practice that is co-evolutionary culturing.

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Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

The second part of our Eco-Awakening conversation of belonging to Earth Community, with Bell Selkie Lovelock and Sara McFarland. In this episode, you’ll find an experiential invitation to deepen into your senses and encounter the wild others within and without. We speak about how to Eco-Awaken, how to experience ourselves as Earth and how to continue the practice of it in our daily lives. With poetry by William Stafford and Joy Harjo. Music by Tamsin Elliot

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Bell Selkie Lovelock and myself, Sara McFarland, speak about Eco-Awakening, which is the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual remembering of the fact that we each are a part of Earth and that all beings are our Kith, in reciprocal relatedness. Come along with us for an imaginal journey through poetry, song and stories into the heart of belonging to Earth Community.

Introducing Starter Culture

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Welcome to our first podcast, in which we dive into the heart of Starter Culture and all the ways in which we expand consciousness beyond the power-over culture into human wholeness and the other-than-human. We talk about the necessary death of the modern paradigm and the grief and fear that brings with it, the ways we might decolonize at depth and at scale, and the necessity of inner work for outer change for a possible future cultural renewal.


Co-Evolutionary Culturing:

composting power-over culture from the inside out


We are tending to the dismantling of the power-over culture as it lives within each of us, (and the groups, communities and movements we are part of), as well as calling in risky conversations at the crossroads of deep time and our current turbulent times, the known and the unknown - to question the things we take for granted and trouble our learned way of perceiving the world.

 We are ritual midwives for Mystery, Seers and visionaries, soft bellied humans engaged in the very real daily grit and grind of becoming more and more resourced and healing our collective trauma in a time of cataclysm. We are listening to the larger story told by the web of the other-than-human world and thereby de-centering the human narrative. 


A note about how to listen in:

You might listen to this podcast out in a wildish place, along a river, or in a meadow, forest, park or your garden. You might choose to listen whilst in your home, workplace or community, in the good company of  other human creatures. In whichever ecosystem you find yourself, we invite you to give your full attention to the music, words, images, sensations and feelings that might arise while listening to the podcast. Please do not drive, do dishes or other business while listening, as we are inviting a different kind of consciousness to emerge. Thank you 



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